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You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

Mary Oliver


My name is Fran Lavendel.  I work as a psychotherapist  with a passionate interest in listening to our bodies, as well as to our words.  I also teach the practice of Authentic Movement.

Our bodies do, after all, hold all our stories, all our feelings, all our experiences of a lifetime.  It is sometimes not enough to speak about problems. Listening to our bodies, maybe letting them move, can be a way to come closer to feelings, enabling us to bring them ‘into the light’. And so often, by listening to our bodies, we can actually find the healing we need, by re-discovering the ‘knowing in our bones’. 

My Work

In individual psychotherapy sessions we speak together, we pay attention to how your body is feeling and sometimes we move. When it feels right to do so, we use the practice of Authentic Movement as a way of discovering things about yourself you may not be aware of.  I also teach Authentic Movement to various groups in Penicuik and in Edinburgh.


Who is it for?

Everyone is welcome. No previous experience of any sort is necessary. I have a private practice in my studio just outside Penicuik  (close to Edinburgh) — a tranquil setting surrounded by garden and trees. Women, men and children of all ages bring their sadness, fears and hopes, or a desire to grow, to explore and to know themselves better. Most have some sense that they wish to include their experience of their bodies in our therapeutic work together.

Somatic Psychotherapy

In Somatic Psychotherapy  we share experience through language while also including the body as a rich resource for information. And if we follow our bodies into movement, our natural impulse towards creativity allows the emergence of form, expression, meaning -- perhaps the unexpected, perhaps transformation.

Authentic Movement

As a teacher of Authentic Movement  I introduce people to this practice in which we experience life directly,  moment by moment,  in movement and stillness, through listening to our bodies.


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